My name is Linda and I am a Christian spending my days with the people God has chosen to place in my life.  I hope you will enjoy this as much as I have.

serious pearls

Memories are pearls.  The title of this page is redundant.

It’s odd how such a beautiful thing as a pearl can begin with jagged edges.  The way a pearl becomes smooth is by the filling of the valleys between the rough spots with smoothness.  This continues until all the sharp edges are not showing – invisible to the eye.  The glistening substance that shows through makes the original difficulty imperceptable.  They are a pleasure to behold.

If the memories I hold had been left untouched by my Maker, they would have left me rough and serrated.  But God’s promises have filled in my rough spots.  I have watched Him turn the worst circumstances into good rather than evil. He has proved Himself to be true to His promises in my life, so I share these pearls with you.  May they bless you also in some way.


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