Introducing the Characters


Who am I?  I am a daughter, a wife, a sister, a mom, a grandma – in other words – I am a member of a family.  I am a sinner, a saint, a singer and a teller – a member of God’s church.  I have the privilige of working with the elderly, the difficult, the time-consuming, the complicated – in other words – the best job I ever fell into.

serious pearls

Memory pearls are all that’s left of the past but they make up today. When new pearls emerge, they will be tucked into this little pocket and maybe become more valuable in the retelling.

witch                           Snow_White_Disney

Who I was without Jesus and who I am now – an evil witch to a daughter of the King in an unfamiliar land.  That’s not a bad upgrade if you ask me.

I was and am one of those people who really needed a Savior.  I don’t claim perfection in the past or the present.  But one day, God will make all things new.  God has been merciful to me and I am so thankful.  He can do that with the most vile of persons.  We can’t escape the things we’ve done wrong, but God can forgive us.  In my case it’s a daily chore.

marvin the martian         What he really looks like...

The Husband

Sometimes he acts like a cartoon character, unexpectedly funny and crazy.  He is a sweet man who can be as sweet as pie or as crazy as a man screeching tires leaving a party.  He is faithful to God and to our marriage and family.  He is a one of a kind friend.  He has blessed my life in so many ways.  I don’t know what I would have done without him in my life.  He raised our son to be who he is today.

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My Savior – Jesus

My heart belongs to Jesus Christ, the God who saved me.  He is kind and merciful and compassionate.  He remembers that I am made of dust.  He knows that I don’t always act the way I should.  He is tenderly aware of all the things that effect my life.  He has a good plan for me and He has shown me over and over again how much He loves me.  He has smoothed the rough places.  He has made my memories into the pearls they are.


Our Son and His Wife

He was a blessing and a challenge to raise.  He was detail oriented all his life.  He has a memory like none I know.  He could memorize poetry as he walked to school in the morning.  But he remembers song lyrics and movie quotes far easier.  When he married, we were amazed at how well she fit into our family.  She is a good wife, an excellent mother, a superior teacher, and a fine daughter to us.  She’s smart and more organized than anyone I know.  He and she are good parents and they are raising quite a tribe.

what it turned into

Now they have their own set of blessings and challenges. We call them grandchildren.